Monday, June 30, 2008

A New PINK Bike!

Over the weekend I got a new PINK bike! The very first bike I owned was a pink stingray with a white banana seat and white handle bar grips. I have so many fond memories of hot summer days spent riding my bike through the neighborhood.

I saw this particular bike about a month ago and stopped the girl who was riding it to ask what kind it was as it has a very unique shape to it. I went home and told my hubby about it, but he commented that I already have a bike that I don't ride...this is true, but if you look below you'll see THE BIKE! Any way, I was looking at one of my favorite new blogs The Beehive Cottage and there on Mary Jane's front porch was the exact bike I wanted, BUT IN PINK! So I took my laptop over to my hubby to show him the bike. He liked it and decided that would be our mission for the weekend...TO FIND THAT BIKE! What an excellent hubby I have!

I have decided that each bike has a voice of its own. This bike always says, " I am going to make you ride hard and fast. You will do no less then 15 miles per hour and maybe as much as 26. I am going to make you sweat, your muscles scream, and you'll be out of breath. You will ride me for at least 15 miles and by the time I'm done with you you'll be exhausted. This is no pleasure cruise sweetheart...I mean business."
Look at this seat that I have to sit on. Actually it's quite comfortable even though it's nearly non-existent.
Look at these pedals that I have to clamp my feet into. Sudden stops are always interesting when you forget to shift your ankle to the right and become detached from your bike.
Now look at that comfortable BIG seat and those HUGE tires.

This bike says, "hop on! Lets go for a little spin around the block. Oh, you don't have to worry about changing your clothes...that darling skirt will be just fine, but you might want to put on that sweet floral cap to keep the sun out of your eyes. Maybe we'll ride through the school yard or go over to an old neighborhood and look at all the beautiful houses and gardens. We can even stop to talk with people, pet puppy dogs, and of course we'll be able to make a trip to your favorite bakery for a scone and coffee. I'll take you places that will awaken your senses, fuel your imagination, and feed your soul. We can be gone as long as you like. When we get home you'll be refreshed and renewed."

So tell me, if you had your choice which bike would you choose


ellen b. said...

Sweet! I love your new pink bike! I've retired from riding a bike. My last ride I hit a patch of gravel going downhill and the last thing I remember was waking up in the ambulance...but that was on one of those more serious bikes with skinny tires...

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Cori!

I am so excited you got a PINK Townie Electra! You will LOVE it to pieces! I ordered white finders for a more vinatge look & will pick those up today! I added a basket for picking up my mail & taking my tiny dog for rides! Lucky you and yes, you have a wonderful husband! Mine did the same thing!

Have fun riding your PINK bike today and I will be thinking of you!

Oh, next April 2009 we are having a big "Giddy Up" in Ventura, CA and all the sisters throughout the US will be there! We will be camping on the Ventura Fairgrounds. I am on the Welcoming Committee and suggested we ride our bikes up to each trailer when they arrive and give them a soft drink! Yes, I will be riding my PINK bike!


Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...


Added you to my favorites, if that's okay?! Love your PINK blog and pretties!


Robin Chistensen said...

I want that bike! Mine will be lavender.

Tara said...


i forsee some great adventures for you on this bike! Enjoy the riding!

Pat said...

What a sweet hubby to buy that pretty pink bicycle for you Cori!It is adorable!

Happy to catch up with you Cori! Summer is keeping me so busy

Hugs, Pat

fairmaiden said...

I lOvE, LoVe, LOVE it!!!! Now if only we lived closer we could ride our beach cruisers together. Did you know that your new pink bike is a 'beach cruiser'? I have one too. But it is not as pretty as yours. Mine is an 'ocean pacific' brand that we got for a really cheap price and then my hubby painted it pink for me. And we bought the wicker bike basket at a cute bike shop downtown, and of course an old-fashioned bike bell. You have to get one of those! I've been trying to train Bella to come along in the basket. She likes it. Oh, and my first bike was the exact same kind you had...with the white banana seat and all. I too have very fond memories on that bike.

And I saw Mary Jane's cruiser cute!

Someday my hope is to get an aqua beach cruiser 'Nirve' or 'Electra' brand. The 'nirve' brand has a very pretty peach one too.

You are going to have so much FUN! And you will never go back to a bike that you have to bend over on and ride hard. Believe me, I used to have a cross-country Trek with the travel bags and all, so that I could bike 27 miles. No more, thank you.