Monday, July 21, 2008

Do you think it's too girly?

My new bicycle you think it's too girly?

I used three different fabrics for the outside
and the inside lining is going to be trimmed in vintage lace.

Here's a close up of the lace. When my grandad died several years ago one of my aunts sent me a box filled with jewelry, old lace, and a Victorian mourning cape that was so beautiful, but I didn't know what to do with it so I donated it to a Victorian clothing museum. I'm still kicking myself in the derriere for that one.

It was made from beaded jet...dumb I know.

Here it is on the front of my bike.

And here's another shot of my the living room? Yes, that's where she is parked and that's where she stays...unless of course I'm riding her.

Now aren't you glad you stopped over :)?


ellen b. said...

I think that basket is perfect for that PINK bike! Not too girly at all for that PINK bike.

Cori G. said...

Hi Ellen,
Everything here is PINK. I love PINK! What other color exists...hee hee

Moorea said...

The basket is great. You are a girl, flaunt it :o) your bike is so nice.
My mom has one like it that is bright pink with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers on it.

Pat said...

Vwry cute basket, Cori!

You should join Beverly's "Pink Saturday's" weekely blog posts --look at my blog list for "The "How Sweet The Sound" blog and tell her you'll post about something PINK and she'll add you to her list and you'll get so many visitors! Tell her Pat of Mille Fiore Favoriti sent you ;-)

I have hardly a pink thinh in my life just isn't my color!

Hugs, Pat

g said...

I love the bicycle basket. I applaud you for donating the mourning cloak to a museum - they will preserve it properly. You did the right thing, and you still have the other pieces to work with!

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Great pink bike, love how you did the basket!

My Artful Heart said...

Love the fabric woven basket...very cute...not too girly at all :)