Thursday, July 31, 2008

Curious Things

I love going to someones house for the first time and seeing what kind of curious things they have, but while cleaning my house a few days ago I realized I had a few of my own.

This is my office or should I say sweet hubby's office. About ten years ago he started building a wooden airplane to fly in. It was an open cockpit and only big enough for the two of us and a small pic-nic basket. Production stopped when we discovered termites in the garage. The tail has been leaning against the office wall ever since.

A wooden airplane propeller found in the desert by my dad. It's from the 30's and the logo is still visible. One year for Christmas my dad gave it to my sweet hubby. He was so excited!

An old whiskey bottle from my grandfather's collection and a scale model of a 1910-20 Harley Motorcycle. My hubby rides a Harley so as gifts he always receives Harley paraphernalia...oh! I bought him that one.

There's also a program from Bugs Bunny's 50th Birthday party. A copper spring from one of my 140 year old parlor chairs. I couldn't part with that!

And the last picture is a lovely chair from the 30's covered in 1970's burnt orange. I bought the piece to upholster and hubby fell in love with it the way it was. So there it sits in all its orange vinyl. Of course I had to add floral pillows (smile).

What kind of curious things do you have?


ellen b. said...

There is something about that orange vinyl chair that is very cool. Orange was big in the 70's. I can't see the whisky bottle anywhere. Dear would be interested in seeing that :0)
As soon as I'm done with my coffee I might be able to think of weird stuff we have...

grey like snuffie said...

I love your curious stuff, especially the propeller. Now the chair---that is love in action everyday to look at that orangeness.
I have a picture frame kind of thing that my husband just shakes his head over. It is made from grape vine kind of stuff, shaped into a rectangle with an opening for a picture but I've never figured out if I could actually put something in it. It has crazy tendrils flying about. I put it up on the kitchen cabinets so that it peeks out into our living room but "he" doesn't have to see it much. :)