Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What do you do when you've made a decision that once made you feel you're unable to live with? You try to make sense out of what's happened and start to pick up the pieces...that's all you can do. That's what's been going on in my life the last few weeks. Not that my life has been turned upside down and inside out, but several young women that I've recently met are being faced with choices that no woman should have to face.
One has already made her choice and has become a shadow of her former self. Where once there were dreams there is a waking
nightmare and joy has been replaced by sorrow.
She is unable to sleep at night for fear of where her dreams may lead, but she is tormented by day because of the knowledge she now holds.
Her life has become an emotional shipwreck. Her heart has been shattered in two.
The other woman is still contemplating the path before her and what choice she will make. She feels alone and helpless, unable to care for herself let alone a little one.
If each one of them understood how deeply they are loved by the Creator of the universe, the God of Israel, the One who died to save them from a life of destruction and despair, would the one have made the choice she did and would the other choose to do what she knows in her heart she should? I can't answer that question for only He knows, but I can be there to comfort the one and help guide the other.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Praying for them both.

Either one could be my sister.


Jeanne said...

Your post has touched my heart. I offer prayers to these souls lost in a decision only they can make.

Blessings from my heart, Jeanne