Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cottage Embellishments

We have several projects going on around our little cottage and many more that need that last final detail. Right now I'm working on curtains for mine and sweet hubby's room. We have what are called "Ribbon Windows" that span two walls in the room. The other two walls are broken up by the closet, the door into the bedroom, and a door into the bathroom. So we have no "Bed wall" due to these two lovely ribbon windows. Not only do we not have a bed wall, but the walls under the "ribbons" are practically useless as nothing with a mirror can be placed against them. I've never understood what architects are thinking when they design houses, but it's clear they know nothing about furniture placement. Sorry, but this is one of my pet peeves in life. Architects don't like designers and designers don't like architects, but if they could learn to work together homes would be much better designed. OK, enough of my rambling and back to my projects.

The picture above is the fabric I chose for our windows. Yes it's quite dark, but it is gorgeous and rich in detail. I started this project on Saturday and only completed "stage 1" last night. Tomorrow I'll begin stage two. Once they're finished and in place I'll post pictures.

Sweet hubby took a piece of melamine and fitted it to two folding tables to use as a work table. It's finished dimensions are 4' x 6' and takes up the entire kitchen area. When we built the island I had sweet hubby build it on a frame that has wheels so it can be rolled out of the way if necessary. That's my island over there to the left and just look at that beautiful 30 year old flooring. One day that is going to go! As a side looks like my walls are in need of pictures or something of interest.This is our other current project. A new screen door for Bramble Berry Cottage. I have been begging my husband for years to replace the screen door on the front of our cottage and as we are "do it yourself" people it takes us a bit longer to do it ourselves. My hubby built this new screen that hopefully will get hinged, painted, and hung by next Friday. I hope.
Two detailed sections of the door. We still need to purchase the hardware and determine how it's going to lock so our puppies don't escape. Once it's hung I'll post some pictures.

I hope you all have a fun Wednesday!


ellen b. said...

Nice...I like the door and the drape fabric. Looky I can see your green on half your walls! :0)

Pat said...

Your husband made a magnificent screen door! Well worth waiting for! I like that fabric --I can't wait to see how it looks when the drapes are finished.

fairmaiden said...

This is so beautiful. Your hubby has a real carpentry/woodworking skill. My carpenter hubby plans to make our screendoor someday as well, though I don't know if it will be so lovely and with such detail. I look forward to seeing pics when it is hung. So, is your cottage named 'Bramble Berry' now?