Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meet Betsy!

It appears that my blog posts have become like a wheel stuck in a rut in the road. I keep doing "project posts" so I decided before I pull my wheel out I'd share one more project.
This is Betsy my little couch that sits in the office amongst all of sweet hubby's Harley and airplane paraphernalia.
Several years back I took an upholstery class that I think figured into my six years of Jr. College or Community College as they now call it. Anyway, I have these chairs from the 1860's that I wanted to have reupholstered but wasn't willing to hand them over to someone so I took a class and when I completed the chairs I just kept finding more things to redo. There's something REALLY THERAPEUTIC about slamming nails with a hammer.

Pillows. I have this little weird quirk that whenever I get ready to sew something I have to play with the fabrics for awhile...do I want this one in front...do I want that as an accent piece...do I really want to use that fabric at all. Those are the weird thoughts that go through my head as I begin my project...any project. I laid all the fabric out on the work table and it stayed there for 3 weeks until my husband finally asked when I was going to start sewing.

A side view of the throw pillows. I bought these great pillow inserts that have gussets so I was able to do the roaching (?) on the sides. I can't even begin to tell you how many needles I broke.

Hopefully this is the end of "Home Project Posts" for awhile...until the next project comes along. I'm still working on my curtains.


ellen b. said...

Hey for an HGTV fan I woudn't want your home projects to end :0)
you do fine work...

Tara said...


Wow, girl! Do you know how much money you saved?? What talent! It looks gorgeous!

Moorea said...

What a sweet couch! You are very
talented. Not only that, you have
good taste. Thanks for sharing it.
I love those kind of projects, it has been a while since I have done one.
OK- I will live vicariously through your projects!!! ;0)

Marye said...

You did a fantastic job! i love it!
I am tagging you on my baking delights blog..bakingdelights.com

Pat said...

Wow Cori! An upolstery class? So ambitious! It came out beautiful!

I love seeing your projects...you are all around talented!

Hugs, Pat