Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Saturday

Hi, this is my first post for Pink Saturday. I live in a little house called Brambleberry Cottage that is spilling over with the color pink so I thought this would be easy and yet, I couldn't think of anything pink to post. So these will have to do for now. 1. A pink and cream rose... 2. My Cherry Blossom depression glass cake plate... 3. A lovely Colonial Revival light fixture with a cheesy 1960's installation job... 4. and to top it all off a yummy delicious pink coconut cupcake.
PINK! It's not just a color it's an attitude!
I was in an antiques store over a year ago and saw that quote painted on a sign. I fell in love with it immediately.
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Darlene said...

Oh, I love all of your pink things. Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!!

DebbieCalif said...

Just had to say hello! I enjoyed your blog and wanted to tell you my niece got married in that same synagogue in San Diego, many years ago. It was a beautiful place. Congratulations on your anniversary.
Blessings, Debbie

Beverly said...

Cori, welcome to your first Pink Saturday. I hope you will have fun.

Sometimes I find myself struggling with just what to post, too. You have made perfect selections. I love your cake plate. ;-)

g said...

That light fixture is gorgeous!! and the cake looks yummy - oops, you meant me to look at the cake plate! Sorry, I didn't mean to get icing on my fingers! I'll just lick it off.

Your cottage sounds like a lovely and cozy place.

Dawn said...

What a lovely first pink Saturday post. I like the cake dish. What a pretty piece it is. Oh, the cupcakes look good too! The light fixture is really nice. I the flower globes are very pretty.
Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

silvia kruchowski said...

Hi!! mmmm delicious cupcakes!!
I´ve made some for the weekend!
Happy Pink Saturday !!!

Besitos from Argentina!

ellen b. said...

Glad you joined in Cori! After seeing all your pink I figured this would be a fun one for you. Blessings on your weekend...

suesueb said...

a great post for your first pink saturday! i have a pink bicycle too that i just got this past week and i love it. have a great pink day!!

Joy said...

Such a great bunch of pink things. Your cupcakes are too pretty to eat!

Kathy said...

All so pretty!
Kathy (

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Ooooo, how pretty!
Hmm, have I just met another period costume lover?
I adore hat you're wearing in your profile pic. Would love to know more about it!
Welcome to Pink Saturdays!

Pat said...

Cori, I'm sure you strolled around the blogs and saw all the pretty pink and enjoyed them all! I think you'll have fun doing this! You are off to a good start with thsi one!

Don't miss Dana's blog "The Stone Rabbit" She alwasy has the very best pink stories! Beverly lists her first every week.

Hugs, Pat

donnasintheattic said...

I love all of your PINK!



Anne Fannie said...

Hi, welcome to pink saturday. I love all your pink pictures, the cupcakes and cake look so yummy! so pinkdelicious!
love, Ann

Margie said...

Your pink things you chose to share are wonderful! The cake and cupcakes look so yummy, and my tummy is growling even more than it was, it's past my lunch time! But now all I want to eat is cake!

My Artful Heart said...

Happy 1st Pink Saturday to you! Thanks for stopping by. Your cupcakes look yummy :)Love all of the other pink you posted too.

To answer your question on the Farmgirl stuff...go and check here it is where we appreciate all things farm, olde time crafts and other fun related stuff.

Enjoy your Monday as well,

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Pretty PINK Post! I really do like that light fixture. I'm a nut for vintage lighting!

Angelic Accents

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Cori...

Welcome to PINK Saturday!! I enjoyed your PINK items...especially the Pink cake plate and of course...the CAKE on it!!! The other item I loved was the coconut PINK cupcake.

Thanks for visiting tonite and leaving your kind comments. Hope to see you back.

Please check out the events taking place on our blog - TEA PARTY, August 8th and others!


Debbie in CA : ) said...

Well, I am a bit behind the crowd as I make my way around to see all the "Pink." I am just delighted that the pink coconut cupcake is there waiting for me. I'll take it -- YUM! (The cake looks nice, too -- oops, was I supposed to be looking at the cakeplate?)

Darling site. I shall just hop off the pink express and take a look around, if you don't mind. ; )

Jeanne said...

I hope you come back and visit your pink Sat. posts. I am late but I really appreciate your visit to my blog. and I have wanted to visit you for a few days. Your pink things are charming and your presentation is lovely. I an see you already think pink. Smile


Nancy J said...

cori what's with all the pink girly stuff?