Tuesday, July 22, 2008

With this Ring I thee Wed!

July 23, 1994 sweet hubby and I were married in this
Historic Jewish Synagogue in the heart of Old Towne, San Diego.
We celebrate 14 years of love, friendship, and commitment...
Till DEATH do we part!


ellen b. said...

Ahh! What great photos and what a cool looking synagogue. Congratulations on 14 years (tomorrow)! And may God bless you with many, many more...

fairmaiden said...

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful bride you were! I love the pic of you and groom in front of the picket fence and you are holding the end of your gown looking down. Lovely, lovely.

Your bike basket turned out adorable. Very shabby chic! Have you been riding?

fairmaiden said...

Oh my, mistaken...you are not holding the end of your gown, your dear groom is. Lovely.

Cori G. said...

Hello Fairmaiden,
My hubby was cleaning my shoe off in that picture. The photographer had us standing in the grass and I got mud on my heel. My wedding shoes are made of the same buttercream brocade that my dress was. Fabric and mud just don't mix well.
Sweet hubby and I have been riding every other night. We live close to the original Anaheim historic district so we've been riding up and down streets and meandering here and there. It's so much more fun then chasing after him on my road bike.
Have a blessed day.

Moorea said...

Happy Anniversary! What wonderful photos- thanks for sharing. 14 years!
Awesome. You have built a beautiful life together.

Pat said...


HAPPY 14th ANNIVERSARY Cori and sweet husband!
You both looked so lovely and handsome on your wedding day!

I hope you had a wonderful celebration.

Hugs, Pat

Marye said...

Happy Anniversary!