Monday, July 28, 2008

"Hello!" "Hello!"

I know it sounds funny, but I started blogging as a work assignment. Yes, a work assignment. The organization that I work for received a grant from another organization and one of the stipulations of the grant was to attend a certain percentage of workshops held by said organization.
After attending the seminar on websites we were challenged to go home, spend a few minutes and set up our own blog. So I did.
At first it was difficult because I'm computer challenged (which is really scary considering everyone at work comes to me to fix theirs), but then I discovered that I could actually add my own graphics and customize it to fit my particular style...foofy girl with all things pink and flowery.
I never imagined that anyone would ever go on my blog and post a comment...this is where it gets strange.
One day I found a comment from Pat in my email box. Then Tara followed her and then there was Ellen B. and a whole new world opened up to me, but I find the communication to be a bit awkward. While I love posting comments and reading those of others I feel like there's a lag time almost like when you drop calls on your cell but you haven't got a clue so you keep talking.
"Hello," "Hello," I always wonder if my follow up comments make it to their destination or if they're floating around on the Internet or in outer space. So, this is my question to all of you whom I've grown to adore through your blogs, posts, and comments... "How do you communicate?" Do you use the "follow up comments option" or do you just go back to the original post to see if anything is there for you?
Please let me know as there have been times that I've felt a little rude and I'd be horrified to think that any of you felt offended or ignored.
And thanks for reading this long and "wordy" post.
Cori G.


ellen b. said...

I used to respond to each comment with another comment on my blog but that got to be weird. If there is a specific question I try to answer the question. My most usual form of communicating is just reciprocating when someone comments on my post with a comment on their latest post. Does that make sense. Sometimes with some bloggers we'll go back and forth with more of a conversation :0)
I know I sometimes miss answering a question or responding but I always try to keep in touch...
I know that there are people that are way busier than I am out there because of the stage of life they are in.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Cori,

I try very hard to follow-up on all comments left for me. However, after I do, I usually don't expect anything I usually don't ask. I haven't found that to be a problem.

In this world of computers, blogs and emails...people should allow for the missing voice influctions or tone in the comments, the caring replies and playful back and forth banter. They should also allow for the occasional "blunder" that we may make, by not replying to something.

If I have something I want you to reply to and you haven't.....I will ask again!!!

I think you're doing just fine.


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Ooops...forgot to tell you how much I enjoy seeing all of your different tea cups and saucers and other pieces!!!

Moorea said...

I agree with Jan- we can only do so much. I am still trying to figure it out, but I think that for me, going back and editing & answering in the post is helpful, although I was wondering if anyone would see that.
I do not expect a back and forth- except by email, which it seems to me is how some of the gals on the big/popular blogs communicate.

Pat said...

Hi Cori!

Excellent question! I wish there was a "right way" to do it --sort of a "rules for blogging" that we all knew. I'm so confused by how to approach it.
In the beginning I would either reply directly to the person's e-mail if the comment e-mail had a return address, and not the usual "No reply" re-mail that most bloggers have (I use a real e-mail address and have not had spam or anything bad happen because of that). If the comment had the "no reply" e-mail I'd go to the person's blog and answer their question on their current post.
Then I noticed a lot of bloggers answering questions in their own comments box, which made sense too, as if someone asked a question maybe all the readers would like to know the answer! So lately I've been doing that -- I've been replying to each comment with my own comments. I still try to visit each and every blog that leaves a comment and comment to them, but sometimes it might take a day or two to do that, especially if I get a lot of comments.

I'm not a fast typist so all of the posting, answering comments, visiting blogs and commenting takes hours! Some days I juts don't have those hours, especially in summer when I'm caring for my garden and doing other outdoor activity. I too feel bad that I'm not responding as fast as I use to.

I think I'd like to do the private e-mail exchange the best of all, but as I said most don't use reveal real e-mail addresses so that's impossible so commenting back in my comments seems to be the best way fro now to answer as quickly as possible and then do the blog visits afterwards.
Confusing? You betcha! :-D

Hugs, Pat

Beverly said...

Cori, I think your blog is absolutely beautiful.

I just try to visit the blogs of people that visit me. If they ask me a specific question, I try to e-mail them if I know an e-mail address. Otherwise, I like just visiting back and forth.

I don't think of it as a conversational tool - more just a place to stop by and leave a note saying you were there.

fairmaiden said...

First, you have never offended me or will I ever feel ignored. I don't really know what I am doing on the 'puter, and it's hard to keep up with commenting and replying to comments, etc. answer your ?...when I blog-on, my comments are there and I just read them and post them. I delete the ones in my email. And then I go the the blogs of those who left 'sweet thoughts' and leave a response or kind comment. Does that make sense. I do have only a handful of blogs that I visit regularly and YOU are one of them! I consider you a close blog friend. I talk about what you've been up to and your sweetie pie puppies with my hubby, alot! Is that silly?!

fairmaiden said...

P.S. I love this picture image in this post. Can I use it on my blog? If not, I will not be offended.

Oh, I just remembered that you commented this weekend that you saw the picture of the lady with the telescope in an antique store. Was it expensive??? I want it!!! I found that image on I have never seen it anywhere in person.