Friday, August 1, 2008

Grangpa's Whisky Bottle

My grandparents were huge collectors of "Stuff." Some of it was worthless while other things were worth a pretty penny. He had 50 whisky bottles...this is just one. There were men, eagles, Lucky Lindy's Plane, and some Indian heads. They came in all shapes and sizes. They lined the shelves in what was called "The Happy Room." Don't grandmother was a bit pixelated, but I loved her to pieces. She always gave us candy and lots of it, which was very important to a little girl with a huge sweet tooth!
My dad is the eldest and has two younger sisters who all three ended up with 145 creamer and sugar bowls. That's one hundred and forty-five each. I have a few of them and some of I've given away.

There was a huge fight as to who gets what and who's entitled to this so brother and sisters no longer speak to each other. Sad, but true and all over "stuff." You can't take it with you when you go and that's a fact.

This is something that sweet hubby and I always talk about since we have no children of our own. "What are we going to do with all this "stuff?"" So if you see anything on my blog that you'd like to claim for your own, please feel free to leave me a comment and I'll put your name on it :).
Oh, the island in the kitchen and the Betsy couch have already been claimed by my sweet friend Miss Mammet and I think my little twin friend, Fiffers has her name on a few things too. Hi Fiffers if you're reading this.


ellen b. said...

ha! Who would have guessed that that is a whisky bottle!? I'll show Dear. He has one old whisky bottle but when he goes to thrift/antique stores with me he's on the lookout...

Pat said...

It is sad when families fight over "stuff" I've seen that happen too ;-(
I don't think my kids will want any of my "stuff" but I'll try to make sure I give it to them before I go so they can't fight.

Why not bequeath your belongings in a will to an organization? I think there are some where you can do that, and I guess they sell it all and use the profits for their good works.

I have a fun little tag on my blog for you to play, only if you wish, and when you have the time!

Hugs, Pat