Tuesday, August 12, 2008

After Saturday's Tea Party I decided to take a couple days off from life. Sunday was spent day dreaming, catching up on my magazine reading, napping, playing with my puppies, and just relaxing, but the wonderful thing was I never had to leave my chair. I sat there all day while the world continued to spin without my assistance.

Monday it was back to work and time to close the files on our Summer Tea and begin work on our Annual Banquet...Yuk! I hate this event! It's our annual plea... "We need your money, give us your money." And as staff we're expected to host a table and invite our friends who have money. I find this to be very funny as I have no friends who have money. Oh, that rhymes. Anyway, my dilemma is this... my boss wants me to print on the "save the date card" that it's a "free banquet." That's good, everyone loves free, but then she also wants me to print, "invite your friends who have money!" Well, maybe not that blatant or that tactless, but in my opinion there's no way to phrase that politely because no matter how it's written it's still tacky. Maybe I could make it into a song, hire a praise band, record it, and send it out in place of a beautiful invitation. I think that sounds like a great idea! Maybe I'll mention it to our board.

My post appears to have taken on an ugly tone... please forgive me. I need to go back to happy thoughts so we'll go back to the tea.

We had the most delicious food prepared by the staff and our wonderful "we couldn't do without her" Martha. Every year she comes up with our menu and it is always delectable. The most popular course of our menu is the Tomato Bisque Soup, which everyone raves about. The funny thing is we use Campbell's soup as the base. We were embarrassed to tell the women our secret, but we finally let the cat out of the bag when each woman received a mini recipe book which included the soup recipe.
I can tell you that I wasn't too popular at work last week as I assigned everyone to help assemble 125 mini recipe books...oops! Sometimes that's just life!

Tomorrow I'll download pictures, but for now I'm tired and have to tend to my puppies before going to bed.
I hope everyone has sweet dreams...


ellen b. said...

The age old dilema on how to ask for money graciously hmmm.
Looking forward to your tea photos. Glad you got some rest in...

Pat said...

Hi Cori!

I had a feeling you were tired after the big event and took a few days off to rest. Glad all went well!

I hate fundraising events too. I know there is a need for them but it's hard to keep asking the same people for donations. A friend of mine helps to run a dancing school. They ask student's parents and local stores to donate goods and then they make up gift baskets that they raffle off at their fundraiser receital show. I think people are more likely to "take a chance" at winning something than to just hand over cash.

Instead of having a "free" banquet why not charge a fee to attend and make that the donation? Have some entertainment as a lure -- maybe a local dance school can put on a performance or a children's choir?

Hugs, Pat