Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This morning while I was wandering the web I came across this darling blog award on someones blog. I said to myself, "now that's a cute award!" Next thing I knew I had an email from Jan @ Jan and Tom's
and she was passing it on to me. What a funny coincidence or was it? I think Jan must have been listening to the Lord. He is after all a God who is concerned with every detail of our lives no matter how simple.
I came across Jan's blog a few weeks ago while participating in Pink Saturday's and decided early on that she's one of those rare people that cares about everyone. The world would be a better place if we had more Jan's. So I would like to say, "thank you for the sweet award from a sweet Lady."

Along with the award I'm supposed to post 6 things that make me happy. The question is, which 6 will I choose... let's see...

1. I love the sea especially when the fog rolls in.
2. I love spending time with my husband and puppies at the bluffs in Long Beach.
3. Quiet time alone to day dream and read magazines.
4. A good cup of coffee in a huge mug by the fire.
5. I love to have craft days and tea parties with best friends.
6. I love my Lord.

Now, for the final rule:
I'm to pass this award on to 6 bloggy friends, but I would like to pass it on to whoever would like to accept it. Just let me know so I can click over to our blog and read your 6 things.
And again, Thank you so much Jan. I'm enjoying getting to know you.


Tara said...


You know what I love about you best? You are very aware of the joy of simple pleasures!!


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Oh, Cori...

I saw this post EARLY this morning, when I woke up coughing (allergies and asthma) and couldn't get back to sleep. I was so amazed at your kindness to me (blush, blush), because of a very special award.

I showed the post to my husband this morning...and he was in awe.

I actually thought I had replied, but I guess I didn't. Well, not til now, that is! LOL!!

Still with me here? LOL! You're I was going about who to pick to pass the award along to...I was asking the Lord for help. I know so many people have awards posted on their blogs already and others don't respond to them when I've passed them on before...I just wanted this one to go to someone who really wanted it!!

Apparently, I listened, cuz the Lord wanted to fulfill your desire to have a "cute award". I'm glad you love it!!!

Please make sure you sign up for our September 8th Tea Party...if you're available. The button is in my right side-bar. You can display the button on your blog, too!

Thanks for including Alex on your prayer list. I added some more info about her...I'm sure she has additional needs she doesn't talk about on her blog. She lives in the Colfax, Illinois area.


Pat said...

Congratulations Cori! You deserve this and more!
I love your 6 things that make you happy...all beautiful!

Hugs, Pat

Susan Hickam said...

I enjoyed finding out more about you with the 6 things that make you happy. We sound very similiar(except I'm not a sea person-probably a good thing living in land-locked Kansas) Love your blog and thanks for the nice comments you left on mine. My editor in chief Maddy Joy thanks you too.