Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday was "my" Saturday so off to work I went. Somewhere between here and there is a "sign" with all these great and sometimes cryptic messages, quotes, and simple sayings. This was today's message.
It made me feel less self conscious about arriving at work looking as if my linen skirt had just been pulled out of the dirty laundry.


ellen b. said...

Now there's a sobering message!!

Pat said...

This is very true!

Sorry I am so behind -- it has been so hectic.

I'll write an e-mail to you tomorrow. Is it OK if another blogger joins us? Joanne at "My Little Cottage In the Making"? She also wants to meet me, and she lives near LA.

I think Wednesday might be the best day -- Sept 10. Would that be OK with you Cori?

Hugs, Pat