Monday, August 18, 2008

Just the other day my friend Kathy and I were talking about life and how little control we actually have. One never knows what waits around the corner does one? Then I made a stupid comment. It went something like this, "there is one thing in life that I can control and that's my blog. My little Neapolitan World. I control what happens there from the colors, posts, pictures, and everything in between."
Well, today I have been proven wrong! I can't even control this. I've been sitting here the last half hour trying to post pictures of different architectural styles I found in Santa Monica and every time I upload I get an error message. Something about an internal server. The question I have is, "who's server? Mine or theirs!" I can't even control the outcome of a simple post so I give up and I'll just spend a couple minutes web wandering.
Is anyone else encountering "server errors?" I do hope it's not just me.
Oh, the lovely building above is a Spanish Colonial. I believe it was abandoned. Beautiful isn't it?


ellen b. said...

Very Beautiful. I'm sorry about your server issues. I've seen bloggers from time to time saying they can't upload anything..
We drove by Santa Monica and 2nd today and caught a glimpse of the places where you were after we were done in Venice Beach. I'll have to make my way back there soon :0)

Tara said...


Tales from an OC Cottage had the same problem today--maybe a CA Blogger issue? Hope it resolves soon!

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Yes, Cori...I had suffered with the same problems off and on lastnight, too! Not just you!

Hope they've improved overnight!


Pat said...

I had the same problem Cori. I thought it was my computer as I was on a wireless connectiona nd my signal was low. It was sooo frustrating as I am so behind in everything and it was one more thing to have to contend with. I guess it was a Blogger problem -- the nerve of them!!! Oh well! When things like tnat happen I jsut shut down and go read abook or magazine.

Hugs, Pat