Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Truly Tudor Tea

Don't you just love ice cream? Especially when it's two feet tall!

Saturday morning I hopped in my car and made the 45 minute drive to Santa Monica to have tea with my little friend Fiffers and two of her friends. We went to the Tudor House who's website boasts of a traditional English Tea. I arrived a little early and wandered around until I found the tea room on 2nd street in an area that is clearly very British. Little shoppes filled with English China, books, and all other lovely British ware. Englishness that would make any Anglophile swoon. Plus, all the shop owners spoke with beautiful cockney accents.

This was a lovely little shoppe I popped into and meandered through the tunnel of rooms. The giant ice cream cone above was located just outside the door of The King's Head.

A little Pub and outdoor dining area that is next door. By the time my friends arrived you couldn't get a seat in this tiny restaurant. Hmm...maybe hubby and I should hop on the Harley and take the coast Hwy. down one afternoon for lunch.

I loved this sign outside the bar. Signage is one of my favorite things...strange, I know.

The gift shoppe inside the tea room was filled with teas, tea pots, and a British grocery store. They had some very intriguing items for sale.

Oh look! It's my friend Fiffers! She's my twin...well, maybe not my twin since I am 22 years older than her plus she's Asian and I'm Caucasian. Doesn't she look cute standing here with this giant red thing? Now that I'm looking at it I believe it to be an English Post.

This is Fiffers friend Michelle. She's a school teacher and Queen to her our realm. She even has money with her face on it. What a darling concept and a great way to teach children the value of budgeting.

Two interior shots of the Kings Head Shoppe. I loved the Barrel Vaulted ceiling with the grape vine motif around the door frames.

We were served a selection of tea sandwiches ranging from Chicken Curry (yum!) to tuna (yuk!) They were all very delicious and filling while the scones were Divine and the devonshire cream lighter then I expected.

Dessert was petite fours and chocolate mousse.

And as a little treat to myself I bought this darling Emma Bridgewater cup and saucer set. I stood there in the shoppe and debated for awhile then left and stood outside the window looking in. Only to come back in the shoppe and claim it for my very own. Sweet hubby has no idea of the price I paid and will probably raise his eyebrows at me when the bill comes in...or maybe he won't pay attention to the bill at all. That's what I'll tell myself. Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tea adventure...I know I did!


ellen b. said...

Well I just added this to my list of places to venture to! Dear grew up in Santa Monica just off Centinela and our first apartment was on National blvd. in West L.A. Looks like you had a lovely day.
Ha! You cracked me up with the buying the tea cup and saucer story...enjoy.

Moorea said...

How fun! What a great thing to get to do! And it looked like the perfect day for it. Your pics are great. I missed pink Saturday again. I really want to post some pink things. Oh well.

Jan and Tom's Place said...

What a lovely place to have tea. Thanks for sharing all of the pictures with us.


Pat said...

Such a pretty tea room and store Cori! I'd love to visit a place like that.
I'm glad you treated yourself to that cup, as life is too short not top enjoy it a little.
I just gave away your friendship awrd Cori! Sorry it took so long. I'm falling behind and have to catch up on so much! THANKS AGAIN!

X0X0 & hugs, Pat

Jan and Tom's Place said...


Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely comments. They mean so much.


fairmaiden said...

What a fun tea adventure. Thanks for bringing us along with you. And I love the cup and saucer you treated yourself to. Hopefully you and hubby will be able to take a ride there for a romantic lunch.

Marye said...

love the cup!