Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Passing it on...

At work we're making final preparations for our tea party this weekend, which means I'm VERY BUSY at home putting together my guest gifts, washing china, linens, and making table preparations. Needless to say, my posting is going to be very short, but hopefully sweet.

All that said, I'll get to the point. Jesus said, "it is better to give than to receive," and I've found this to be true in my own life as there is always so much enjoyment in watching someone receive a gift and the thought that they know they are appreciated and loved, so I am passing my darling little friendship badge on to two very sweet blog land friends.

These are two of my other bloggy friends that I can't wait to see what they post next. Pat always has wonderful tours of her home town, Brooklyn and tons of fun and interesting facts, great food!, amazing photography, and such a sweet spirit.

Tara always has the funniest and sweetest posts which brings me back for more. I still remember the first post I read from her blog about a borrowed book and a dog. Too funny!

Both ladies have made me feel welcomed and loved in this crazy bloggy world and each of them has grown dear to my heart. So ladies, thank you for your sweet friendship, encouragement, and laughter.


Pat said...

Dear Cori,

Thank you!

This means more to me today than you could ever guess.
I enjoy Tara's blog also, and I think of us three as blogging sisters always there for each other in friendship.

Have a wonderful weekend tea party! I hope you'll show some photos of it when finished.

Hugs, Pat

Tara said...

Dearest Cori

Thank you so much for thinking of me! I am so glad you enjoy my blog...there are days I say wonder what my blog is even about because I do not think it even has a know, cooking, decorating, travel...I am kind of all over the place and did not know if that would even appeal to anyone at all! But I am glad you enjoy it, I have fun writing it!

Pat's blog is so super, you know I read it and take her trips she recommends. I feel like she does all the work for me! And you blog? So lovely, sweet, caring and spiritual. When I am cooking in the kitchen, I put on your music! It;s soft and comforting.

So glad we have gotten to know each other!