Friday, August 22, 2008

I awoke from my dreamy slumber with two puppies dancing on my head. Unaware of the time I rolled out of bed, switched on a light and gently deposited my little friends to the floor below. They are such a joy in my life with their silly little antics and all their scrambling about.

This morning has been cooler with a gentle breeze and the sun has chosen not to make an appearance, but instead is hiding her face behind a layer of clouds. I love mornings like this... slow...dreamy...quiet...peaceful. It finally feels like Autumn has arrived at Brambleberry Cottage and I am more than eager to welcome it.

There are many tasks that need my attention this morning. Once their done I'll be off in search of something fun.
I hope you all have a lovely day!


ellen b. said...

Well I hope whatever you find to do you'll have fun! Enjoy...

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hope you had fun, Cori!!!

I love the pic on this post...


Cottage Rose said...

What a lovely way to start your day. I too love those kind of mornings.
I wish it was a little cooler here though, going to be hot and humid this weekend. But it does have the feel of fall, and that I love.
Have a great weekend.