Thursday, February 5, 2009

10 Things I LoVe!

I was visiting Pam's blog yesterday and she had this real fun post about 10 things she loves that begin with the letter "P".
I thought this sounded like so much fun so I asked if I could play along and she graciously assigned me to the Letter "M".
I was at work so I tried as quickly as I could to think of 10 things starting with M, but was only able to come up with nine... until this morning. While walking from my kitchen to the guest room I saw the pile of magazines (still thinning them out) and thought, "ah ha! " The last letter M.
Now please don't think that my favorite loves are in order because that would put my hubby beneath my puppies...this is not true...I love my hubby more although there are times when he would beg to differ...oops! Anyway, I tried to arrange them on the paper in a pleasing fashion without them resembling a huge jumbled mess.

If you would like to play along let me know and I'll assign you a letter.


ellen b. said...

Fun! I like your m's. Ok bring it on...give me a letter!!

Deanna said...

Hi Cori! I love your M's. So nicely put together. I will go visit Pam's blog right now.

Deanna :D

Kathy said...

What a great "M" list you have - and as always, such a creative way to display it!

Assign me a letter, girl! I'll give it a try!

grey like snuffie said...

Cori, you are so talented with your graphics. If you're like me you may keep thinking about that letter M over the next few adds to the fun.

ellen b. said...

Hello Cori G! Happy weekend to you. My 10 L's I love are up!

ceekay said...

Hi Cori....please tell me how you did the collage of there a program or did you do it freehand, which if you did you are absolutely talented! I love that and actually would love to be able to print some things out like that...but too cute. Thanks