Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Forgive me, but I'm a little slow

Have you all seen this cute little symbol? I think the first time I saw it was when my friend Fairmaiden left a comment on one of my posts months and months ago. "Is it a new Christian symbol that I don't know about? What does it mean?" Then it started popping up everywhere and every time I would look at it with wonder, but still couldn't figure it out...until today.
I was merrily skipping down a blog trail when it appeared in the title of a Valentine's post. "What does THAT have to do with Valentine's Day?" I thought to myself. And then I turned my head ever so slightly to the right and it was like a tiny dim light bulb went on in my cluttered brain. It's a Heart...duh! Did I feel dumb! I know I should have asked my friend Fiffer Lou months ago because she knows everything (and includes it in her emails to me), but then I guess I didn't want to show my age or my ignorance.

So just in case there are any of you out there scratching your head over this... IT'S A HEART!

On to other things. I spent 3 lovely hours in the dentist's chair before going to work this morning and my jaw is so tired. Have you ever had a dental dam wedged around your mouth? Once it's in it doesn't come out and it's not a pretty picture. So there I sat for 3 hours with my mouth wide open which is not an easy thing for me to do. You see, I have a severe case of TMJ. At least it's severe to me. Now I'm on anti-biotics and taking 600 miligrams of motrin every six hours. So far I've had very little pain but who knows what I'll wake up to tomorrow.

Is there a moral to this story? Not really, but if you'd like one I can certainly think one up.
Oh, and don't forget to floss your teeth <3. Hey, there's that little symbol again. Cute isn't it?


fairmaiden said...

You made me laugh. I could have told you its a heart too. Next time don't be shy, just ask. I won't make you feel dumb, I promise! WHAT did you have done at the dentist?!!! No, I don't know what a mouth wedgie thing is, and I don't think I want to. Why are dentist visits always scary stories? They always have been for me. I just went to the dentist in Sept. after 10yrs. of not going. Can't afford it and am afraid. I had a traumatic tooth injury in 2nd grade that put in the dentist chair for lots of repairs till I was 16 yrs. old. So, back to my dentist appt. in Sept...I have a cavity that needs refilling. But since I hadn't been in 10yrs. the Dentist said I need cleaned first. After inquiring of my dental coverage and if I could afford it, I made the appt. 2 months following, they send a bill, they had calculated wrong and we now owed over $300. What, for just a cleaning?! Needless to say we did not pay it because it was their mistake, and I still don't have my cavity filled. I gave it all to our gracious Lord in prayer and so far have had no more pain! Who knows when I will get up the courage to go to the Dentist again. Sorry this is so long of a comment. You don't have to post it.

Just A Gal... said...

Ohhh Man 3 hours in a dentist chair, I hate to say it but I have been there too, and I know the pain you are talking about... no fun at all... But you are doing good, that is so great. I, on the other hand, slept for 2 days after that.

Take care of yourself!

Just A Gal...

ellen b. said...

I'm so glad you explained that <3 because it's less than 3 to me. 3 hours with your mouth open, oh my. I'm glad that's over for you. My mother said her mouth cramped while they were doing it and they had to massage her jaw or something like that. UGH! I'm going right now to floss!! I hope you will be pain free today. And what a trooper to go to work after...

Tara said...

Hi Cori

My daughter told me what this was a bit ago and I was as confused as you! I would ask her why her friends would write that to her! Haha!

And my dear firend, Ina garten is the #1 chef on the FoodNetwork...she makes easy simple recipes that are delicious and do not cost a fortune to make! Love her!

Have a great night-Tara

fairmaiden said...

Cori, Thank your care and concern for me. But I am okay for now. I will get my tooth refilled when we have the $ in our account. Just trying to pay our housepayments right now. When I went to the dentist in September I had a full check-up with xrays. She checked for gum recession and cancer. All was good! She said my teeth are in great condition. The tooth that needs refilled is just a cavity on the surface...she showed me the xray. No infection. The accident I had in 2nd grade was on the monkey bars. A girl pushed me and I swung around the pole and hit a bottom pole with my teeth, breaking both front teeth. I was in and out of the dentist with different repairs, capped then retainer with a fake flipper tooth until I was 16 when they we're able to give me a bridge. I had braces to make room for the bridge. But the braces caused TMJ. Uhg! I really do hate going to the dentist. Its hard to find one to trust. AND it costs sooooo much!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

HI Cori
My daughter told me what that symbol was awhile ago. It's clever!
Were you getting a root canal? Been there, done that .. lol! Now I'm getting the cap made and that's not fun either as I had to bite down on a lot of plastic glop that tastes terrible.
Hope you don't have any pain tomorrow!
Hugs, Pat

Robin Chistensen said...

Did you get to pick a prize from the treasure chest?

Love, Robin

Cori G. said...

Hi Robin,
Sadly I didn't get to pick anything from the treasure chest in fact I don't think they had one. Oh well, times are hard and I had to get back to work anyway. Trying to choose something spactacular would have just made me late (r).
And I'm doing fine...very little pain and not a lot of swelling.

Love, me