Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If you have found a smile
that is the sweetest one you've known,
If you have heard within a voice,
the echoes of our own,
If you have felt a touch
that stirs the longings of your heart,
And still can feel that closeness
in the moments you're apart...

If you've been filled with wonder
at the way two lives can blend
To weave a perfect pattern
that is seamless, end to end,
If you believe God's hand is guiding
all that's meant to be,
You know He chose the one you love
to share your destiny

Emily Matthews


Bernideen said...

Lovely poem!

Sharon said...

This is wonderful! My husband is in Iraq (retired military doing contract troop support work now) and this fits our "long distance" romance perfectly. God's hand has been weaving our marriage for 25 years! Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Sharon